photography courses Brighton

Here are a few short photography courses to get you started. For buttons etc refer to your manual as well.

We cover some of the basics – return here for more later.

  • Different types of Camera – their uses and limitations
  • Backlighting – what it is, how it a happens and what to do about it.
  • Exposure Compensation – why it is needed

Brighton is a great place for photography, there is something interesting there – just look around. You can get great shots from compacts, smartphones as well as more advanced cameras

South facing towards the sea means that the sun is usually in front of you, so understanding backlighting will be important for shots with the sea behind.

We explain backlighting here and then how to deal with it by changing the amount of light entering the camera using exposure compensation. You will find this useful for general photography as well any time you wan to make your picture either lighter or darker.

Brighton also tons of street type shots all along the beach with skateboarders, walkers, runners, cyclists – all to do with movement. Future updates will show you how to choose shutter speed to get he best out of movement.